Guru Rinpoche  (image from shrine room of Tsogyelgar in Ann Arbor)

Tsogyelgar San Diego is an outpost of Tsogyelgar Meditation Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the teaching center of American-born Buddhist Lama Traktung Khepa (t.k.).  Our aim is to share teachings and practices of Guru Rinpoche’s (Padmasambhava) Nyingma Lineage of Tantric Buddhism from an authentic wisdom tradition.  We currently host one monthly meditation program, Remembrance (returning Summer 2020).  All programs open to anyone, free of charge, on a drop-in basis.

Find a path you can love, a path whose tradition displays its power, grace and beauty and bind yourself to that path.  Look and consider with care but then enter wholeheartedly as a warrior of compassion.  This will give great meaning and joy to your life.” – t.k., Original Innocence

Yeshe Tsogyel, Tsogyelgar shrine room

The name Tsogyelgar comes from the 8th century female Buddha Yeshe Tsogyel; “gar” meaning a gathering of people living a shared vision. The incarnation of truth, beauty and goodness arising from the practice of meditation in this modern culture and time is a guiding motivation for our community.