Body mind identity is a second rate Louis Vuitton knock off handbag

Body mind identity is a second rate Louis Vuitton knock off handbag being sold on the side of the street in Time Square. Sure, the price seems good, but production values leave something to be desired.

So long as you are touched by even the trace of the “I am the body.” idea you are imprisoned in a fun house mirror distortion of your real nature. The saddest part of this charade (charade: an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance ) is that it forces you to posit expectations, hopes and fears upon appearance – ones that appearance can not meet and was never intended to meet.

Appeaarance in and of itself is innocent enough. It never pretended to be permanenet, to be interested in fulfilling your dreams, to be or – even contain – a solution or answer to your problems. And it doesn’t. Therefore trying to find such can only lead to frustration and suffering.

You can not really love something which ceaselessly disappoints. Human beings are always wanting to love appearance but end up angry at it for not being what it never pretended to be. Human beings are always wanting to present glossy redemption scenarios and utopian fantasies of what will be possible – and ending up self pitying and resentful when they fail to come true.

If my hand decides to go it on its own, live independent and announce its separative identity, it will have quite a hard time of it. First off it simply isnt separate and secondly it can not survive apart from the body as a whole. This is exactly true when identity stakes its claim on …….. anything.

You are not the body, not the mind, not appearance as a whole, not the subtle, not the causual, not the I Am, not the divine. All of these exist as momentary interdependently related shatterings of light within an unutterable expanse of wordless nameless mystery.

Certainly there is this body speaking to you right now. It seems to me somewhat like what your mouth might seem to you. It is like my hand and inheres as part of an overall appearing body that is appearance altogether. That body is animated by a luminous wonderment free from birth and death and that luminous wonderment emerges spontaneously from – without ever leaving – the unutterable mystery.

Space, time, Being, becoming, appearing all exist inhere as in and of the union of that openness nothingness purity expanse and the luminous spontaneity pervasion. They are without being or becoming and yet they appear and disappear.

Those who take up the way realize this – eventually. When earnestness and sincerity burn away the dross gold is left. The tarnish of ignorance removed things are seen as they are – and then only tender hearted love and wonderment, spiraling in the expanse of unborn and undying freedom, is to be known.

Even prior to full realization – when you move toward this living in knowing then life progressively becomes balanced, easeful, joy-full expression of love in compassion. Life becomes a dignified nobility whose energies, freed from self pity, resentment and degradation are available for ever further deeper consideration and practice of reality. – t.k., Facebook 5/28/2018

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