This world is made of meanings

‘This world is made of meanings and what meanings it is made of depends entirely upon our mind’s condition. Happily it is quite possible to train the mind to move from non-virtue habit to virtue habit in order to go beyond all habit into the realm where sacredness flows out from the eyes as appearance.

Having moved beyond the mind’s conditioning, into the condition of contemplation, appearance ceases to be “things” at all and is known in its truth as meaning-fullness. Awareness-Appearance-Meaning are, then, a singularity.

When the mind is pure it sees purity. When the mind is love it sees love. When the mind is beauty it sees beauty. Even where there is impurity the mind of purity sees the pure. Even where there is unlove the mind of love finds love. Even where there is ugliness the mind of beauty sees with a tenderness whose very knowing restores beauty to every thing and everything. It can do nothing else.

The deep and the shallow of each moment is a wonder more profound than anything ever dreamt in the desirings of humanity. It is when this is not known that human beings turn perceiving into sufferings and the frantic efforts to relieve suffering. There is no need for remedy when the true condition of things is known.”

~tk … the painting is of t.k. by Sangchen Tsomo


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