This profound mystery…

Our own Original Innocence and Bright Virtue, as a singularity, are called Buddha Nature. Utterly devoid of any trace of objectivity it is equally devoid of any trace of subjectivity. This profound mystery is silent purity, bright glory. It is unmoving yet everything that moves is not other than it. It accomplished nothing and is useless, can not be used, can not be commodified, can not be owned, bought, sold, given or prevented.

This bright silent pure mind of yours is right there and there is no way to miss it and yet is missed by almost all because their mind’s are fixated on the stuff of their hearing, seeing, touching, thinking. Cutting free of all concept, both beings and buddhas are laid in their grave ….. ways, paths, methods evaporate like mist in the morning sun. Seeing, hearing, touching become the radiance of freedom’s spontaneity. – t.k., conversation on Rinzai’s true man of no rank

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