Ego is not a thing

Identity is not a thing, self is not a thing, ego/I is not a thing – to be gloried in or overcome, that is simply the grandiose narrative of conceptual confusion. Rather it is, quite simply, the process structure of misunderstanding.

Non-virtue habit is the binding glue of that misunderstanding called identity – the actionality created by a false consciousness – a black hole of misapprehension, misconception, misconstrual, misinterpretation. Non-virtue emerges as the desperate effort to preserve an illusion.

At that point of mysteriousness where the confusion called existence and the confusion called non-existence cease ……….. Right there things are liberated from their thingness; appearance is liberated from the tedium called ‘beings’ and the banality called ‘Buddha’.

Untouched by concept’s binding glue perceptivity naturally and immediately knows the aggregates to be empty and the elements to be void. The mandala that fixates and the mandala that is grasped are both resolved in suchness.

If you can simply refrain from participation in conceptuality’s odious insistence then Buddha Nature’s marvelously illuminating wisdom renders everything clear simple. Things known again (re-cognized/recognized) in their suchness – are freed from thingness, free from existence, free from non-existence, free from Being, free from not-being.

While this open clear awareness is the always, everywhere and everywhen of appearance the body mind can only come to its realization when one has moved from non-virtue habit to virtue habit. It is there that one can leap over the confusion called habit into stainlessness. – t.k.

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