Our God is an Awesome God

Authentic devotion to sublime wisdom beings is the jet fuel of our path.  It gives shape to our deepest longing, and makes a bridge to the blessings of Lama and Lineage.  We belt out “Our God is an Awesome God”, as nontheists, and don’t have a problem with this.

From a recent Facebook post by t.k.:

“Spiritualized fawning is not a quality that can survive self observation – neither is alienated anti-emotionality. Both are quickly seen to be deformities of true human maturity. At this point, one is mature enough to understand the place of devotion in spiritual life.
Devotion has nothing to do with dependency, has nothing to do with sentimentality ……. it is the flower’s turning toward the sun. It is the natural love response to what is most beautiful.
Devotion has its highest reality when the embodied being moves through the phases of I and Thou …. to No I only Thou …. to No I No Thou Only Silence wherein appearance is held in-as-of the tenderness of unborn/undying divine wisdom.
Silent awareness meets appearance as lover and beloved’s union. Silence knows appearance as Love’s song. True devotion unlocks the hidden alphabet of appearance revealing every atom as incarnation of divinity.”

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