No one can give it to you. No one can prevent you.

No one can give you wisdom or understanding – no one can keep you from it if you are sincere and earnest and persevere.What your deepest and truest motivations are will determine what comes to you in spiritual life. Lets face it 90 some percent of everything in human dealings is bullshit – and that includes spiritual life. There is endless ego inflation, power tripping and games of status, uninspected dogma, enshrined hope and fear, consumerism, commodification of the sublime, sham emperor’s new clothes cons. But conventional life and suffering is no better and the heart insistently longs into the divine….. and there are true paths, true teachers, preceptors, spiritual adepts, gurus.

Life is a paradox of suffering and joy. The Work and the teachings, in all of its 84,000 styles, is a key which unlocks the mysterious doorway into Buddha Nature. It is like Alexander slicing through the Gordian knot in one fell swoop.

Realize the Unborn and life is a play of beauty and heartbreak and always free. Perfect as one, perfect as two, perfect as many.

“Free from being one, free from being many, and

without limit or center – that is the nature as it is.”

Always your own mind is, in essence, Unborn. It is outside of birth and death. It is free from coming and going, meeting and parting, suffering and joy. It is the Love beyond love and hate. It is radiant emptiness.

From this radiant emptiness all appearances appear and yet are empty. Emptiness is untouchable vast open no-thing-ness and yet it appears! How wondrous this mystery! How astounding this wonder!

The relative mind perceiving itself caught in samsara must turn away from sham consolations and burn with a fire of longing to realize the Unborn. Do not be satisfied with shallow verbiage, intellectual Dzogchen, verbose adviata. No amount of concepts about freedom equal freedom. There is so so very much jaded cynicism these days due to the emperor’s new cloths faddism.

to abide free from characteristics, to rest in the ease devoid of conceptual elaboration, you can recognize the freedom as one and the freedom as two. Those lost in the concepts of one or two cannot.

I am inviting you to set aside the fretful grasping after sham quick fixes and truly take up the great way. There are so many methods, like the variegated colors of the peacocks tail, find a master who can teach you and then embrace the method suited to your mind and disposition. Be willing to risk it all and dive in. be like the heroic practitioners of old and set aside worldly concern – even if in the midst of the world.

Swallow the great question like a molten iron ball and let it burn inside your gut. The  ancient way which brings freedom is not lost so long as a single realized being is alive – this is my guarantee. I speak for the efficacy of the path. I speak for the beauty of its way and the imminent possibility. I am an invitation to that possibility. I don’t want your sycophantic kiss ass dependency as devotion – that makes a slave out of you and every slave hates their master. I don’t want your money. I’m not trying to build an empire or even an organization. I don’t even want you to believe me – I am just a voice in the wilderness of conventionality proclaiming the power and accuracy of the ancient way. Out of gratitude for it was given freely to me and should be given freely to whomsoever truly longs for it.

Your life is your question. It is yours. No one else can answer it. No one else can relieve you from the need to answer it. No one else can prevent you from answering it. Spiritual life is the ultimate meritocracy ……. no human or other agency can give or take, sell or buy, its offering. Truth is self revealed to those who cease to keep Truth self secret. What is important is that in all times and in all places those who have discovered the way, walked it, enjoy its fruit make this offering to one and all. Now what will you do with it? – t.k., teachings 1996, Europe

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This world is made of meanings

‘This world is made of meanings and what meanings it is made of depends entirely upon our mind’s condition. Happily it is quite possible to train the mind to move from non-virtue habit to virtue habit in order to go beyond all habit into the realm where sacredness flows out from the eyes as appearance.

Having moved beyond the mind’s conditioning, into the condition of contemplation, appearance ceases to be “things” at all and is known in its truth as meaning-fullness. Awareness-Appearance-Meaning are, then, a singularity.

When the mind is pure it sees purity. When the mind is love it sees love. When the mind is beauty it sees beauty. Even where there is impurity the mind of purity sees the pure. Even where there is unlove the mind of love finds love. Even where there is ugliness the mind of beauty sees with a tenderness whose very knowing restores beauty to every thing and everything. It can do nothing else.

The deep and the shallow of each moment is a wonder more profound than anything ever dreamt in the desirings of humanity. It is when this is not known that human beings turn perceiving into sufferings and the frantic efforts to relieve suffering. There is no need for remedy when the true condition of things is known.”

~tk … the painting is of t.k. by Sangchen Tsomo


One Ground, Two Paths

Where there is identification with the body existence is fraught with anguish. Where body’s appearing is feared or shunned Buddhas are in exile.

Where there is grasping to appearance life becomes suffering.
Where there is grasping to emptiness and shunning appearance then awareness is bankrupt.

Where there is confusion about mind’s activity delusion becomes monarch. Where mind’s luminous empty nature is known concepts are clothing of a Maharaj.

Where awareness is mistaken as consciousness the palace of life becomes a tomb. Where awareness is recognized in-as bright knowing the kingdom of wonderment is upon us.

When the unmanifest essence is not known freedom is lost. When mysterious essence is the stronghold of awareness even the word unfreedom can not arise.

Traktung Khepa Facebook post Jan 6 2019 

A spiritual school is not a spa retreat

A spiritual school is not a spa retreat where ego is comforted and pampered and made to feel everything is safe and “ok”. In this realm of confusions everything is most definitely not ‘ok’. A spiritual school is where one discovers, confronts and transforms confusion into wisdom and deluded actions into incarnate love. It’s hard work, often not fun, but is also the birthplace of meaning, joy and deathless wisdom bliss.

We live in a consumerist society which believes it can satisfy itself, pleasure itself, politic itself, social welfare itself, consume itself beyond the touch of life’s great existential problem. It can’t and modern culture becomes ever increasingly jaded, cynical and aggressive in the ongoing failure of its attempt. The Soma drug of Brave New World designed to produce a complacent citizen workforce is omnipresent. Seldom has there been more effective means of oppression than the passive fulfillment of manufactured desires. This is why authentic, radical spiritual and religious life is ridiculed – it is the single most effective form of dissent there is. To become free of desire in a consumerist culture is the great taboo. To realize, in life, in flesh, in action, the freedom that is simultaneously worldly and divine, non-dual, is liberation from the tyranny of manufactured desires.

Stuff, things, thingness itself, comfort, security, wealth, power, romance, approval are all the bars of the prison wall. Both the need To Be or a fear of Being are the foundation of the prison structure. Gain and loss, praise and blame, fame and insignificance, happiness and suffering, success and failure, pleasure and pain, birth and death, wealth and poverty these all are the balance buttressing the prison walls. If the distractions of society, stuff and relationships can make you forget that you are in prison then sleep on.

Spiritual schools exist for those who know they are in prison. They exist for those who have not fallen for the con of society’s decorations on the prison wall – college, job, family, Christmas dinner. Before one knows they are in prison they can not be helped. Before that point all so called spiritual life is merely another trinket, another ornament in conventional life with its tedious rounds unto death. At some point the HeartMind understands the lesson of life and becomes an intense concentration on becoming free. It is only at that point that a spiritual school can help you. – small piece from a public talk by t.k. in 2007, recently posted on The Heart of Awareness Facebook Page

What is central to spiritual realization?

On a short break from winterizing greenhouses t.k. was asked. Q: “What is central to spiritual realization?. Spontaneously he answered: “Foremost know this: if realization, by whatever name, non-dual wisdom, Buddha Nature, Truth, Reality, Tao, the kingdom of heaven ……. does not set the heart alight with tender hearted great compassion, if it does not cause the body to swoon in great exaltation perception of all appearance as divinity, if it ever changes in waking or sleeping …. then it is not realization.

What is central to realization? Well its depth and vastness cannot ultimately be described in words but there can be pointers as to its mystery. I will speak from this body mind’s own experience and understanding for what it is worth.

The mind untouched by any stain of birth or death – this is central.

A heart imbued with tender hearted compassion for every being seemingly friend or enemy, relative or stranger – this is central.

That body, speech and mind experience, without contrived concepts, all appearance as a pervasion of divinity, mysterious, utterly beautiful – the wondrous magical illusion of Buddha Nature – this is central.

To be free of any concern with worldly possessions whether impoverished or wealthy – this is central.

That the cells of the body be constantly inspired by the longing and radiance of prayer, even in the midst of stable realization of emptiness – this is central.

That the very notions status, high or low, is laughable – this is central.

That one is steadfastly occupied with the benefit of beings – this is central.

That one is free from all interest in Dharma politics – this is central.

That no trace of phenomena can any longer be found – this is central.

Realization is not an experience. In realization both poles of experience – perceiver and perceived – have dissolved, resolved, disappeared in the luminous ground whose essence is unutterable mystery and whose nature is clear light divinity. Anything that can in any way be described as experience, as involving a subject or an object – falls short of profound realization.

Realization does not come and go – once entered with authentic totality it never changes, ceases, comes or goes in the so-called waking or sleeping states.

Realization does not give one status – realization is not status but rather it is the death of even the possibility of thinking or feeling that appearances participate in the anxious ugliness of higher and lower.

Take refuge in the most profound wisdom compassion. Take up the way and follow with earnest care and sincerity. Don’t fret to much about what realization is or isn’t because any idea about it is based in confusion and falls far far short of the reality. Instead purify obstacles and hindrances to seeing things exactly as actually are, cultivate tender hearted and active compassion with a profound concern for cause and effect while practicing the view and meditation which transcend cause and effect.

Do not rely on others for no one can do your work for you and no one will enjoy or suffer the karmic consequences of your actions other than you. At the same time as this do not be shy about binding yourself to the sublime sources of wisdom that ceaselessly manifest in myriad ways. Realization cannot be bought or sold with money or other bartered goods. Day by day, step by step and the result is assured.” – t.k. (Traktung Khepa), Facebook post October 17 2018