Coming to know who you truly are

The vast wisdom bliss of Buddha manifests in forms of sensual beauty, light and sound. These images and mantras cause a sympathetic resonance in the mind drawing you toward wisdom-bliss.  This is the compassionate action of the Buddhas.

Devotion is the natural love response to what is most beautiful.  If a tuning fork pitched to middle C is tapped it will resonate with the single note. If it is brought close to another tuning fork not tapped, not resonating, the untapped one will begin to resonate as well. This is called sympathetic resonance. Devotion is the resonance in feeling to what is divine.

Silence is like a deep ocean undisturbed by any event.  Silence lives in and as the silent mind. Love is like the vast open sky embracing all appearances impartially. Love lives as the awakened heart. Love and Silence are the stronghold of the realized one and the inheritance of every being.

The mind is universal but if it is limited to the small size of the body then how can it function properly? Sense of body is also universal – all life a single body, this is the natural feeling of reality. But if limited to a single “body-self” how can compassion blossom? It is a question of coming to know who you truly are.

t.k. (Traktung Khepa, Traktung Yeshe Dorje) Eye to From is Only Love (Day 65)

Do Not Relax

There is nothing relaxing at all about Buddha’s teaching.  Buddha did not want you to relax.  Anything but.

These days there is a lot of talk of meditation for relaxation.  Well, that is nice, and it is lovely for people to relax – they need to due to the inherent stress of samsara.  But, if you meditate to relax it has nothing whatsoever to do with Buddha’s teachings or the deep of the spiritual path.  Frankly, you are better off going to the spa, or a baseball game, or having sex, or playing backgammon, seeing a movie.  You will get more bang for your buck in almost any of these.  If you understand the first noble truth then you will feel deep dissatisfaction and this dissatisfaction will not allow you to relax.  Frankly, you don’t need to.  It is not stress that makes you unhealthy, it is meaningless stress.  Many people how feel connected to a great cause will work tirelessly to accomplish it; day and night, lose sleep, eat poorly under stress, and yet they are radiant and, in a relative sense, happier than most.  Why?  Because it is not stress but meaninglessness that crushes the human being in spirit.

Buddha said he was like a man who is walking down the street and sees a house on fire.  Inside the house he knows there is a family fast asleep.  They are about to die in their sleep.  Buddha begins to shout and bang on the door to wake them up.  He does not want them to wake up to their condition and then chill out, relax, try to sooth themselves. He wants them to wake up and experience the dread, what Gurdjieff called “the terror of the situation.”  They wake up, they smell smoke, they feel the heat, they realize their house is on fire and their children are in immediate danger of dying a horrible death as they are. This is not a relaxing situation.  They work to do whatever they can to escape.

The night Buddha left home and family to engage the spiritual quest he stood in the doorway of his wife’s room looking at her and his new born baby asleep. He loved them deeply, profoundly. He was not able to abandon them because he did not care for them, but because he loved them so much, and he realized they would experience sickness, old age, death, alienation, and all the sufferings that all human beings experience. He felt deep in the intuition of his human maturity that there was another option. He could not be satisfied with any shallow consolation sold by society or experience – even those of a prince.  Imagine how he must have felt knowing his wife and child would feel abandoned. Yes, he expected to return with the teachings that bring an end to suffering – if he was right, but in the meantime they would feel hurt, abandoned, angry, betrayed. Standing there he must have been anything but relaxed. True spiritual aspirants are able to take into themselves the great turmoils of the human existential condition, they become an alchemical cauldron which can cook the stresses, tensions, facts of human experience. The All Good Mother whispers in our ear and her whisper causes the great dissatisfaction that can not be quenched by anything in samsara.  – t.k. (Traktung Yeshe Dorje), Original Innocence

Love is a kiln, your body mind a pot

Love is a kiln, your body mind a pot.

“Tokusan used the stick.
Rinzai uttered the Katsu!.
Gutei raised his finger and 
Daruma faced the wall ….. Right from the start,
there have never been fixed rules.” Zen Master Bankei

Hafiz rode to God on the name-bird Allah.
Kabir rode to wisdom on the name-tiger Ram.
Wang Bi to the Mysterious through unlearning all names.
Bassui – through listening,
the Baal Shem – inside singing,
Jesus – held a family lineage,
Do Khyetnse –in the arms of his sister,
Krishna – well his way makes the dawn blush in colors of love.

Some through volition,
some through non-doing,
some over here others over there.

You cannot know or determine the course of your spiritual journey, you can not even imagine it. The seed could never imagine what comes after breaking open. The flower would never guess the fruit. Our unfolding is only known in the living – the joyous surprise.

Love is a furnace, confusion the wet clay; don’t be to quick to judge another’s way you just show yourself to be an unfired pot. The unfired pot knows nothing of the fired pot’s condition. What emerges from the kiln’s blaze is not what went in.

Within that inferno brilliance outshines distinctions, all things are undone in brightness and only their light is known. This is like the unknowing and knowing that happen through the divine’s touch.

What awaits you after the blazing can not be guessed. Open the door, enter the fire. The colors of glaze, the patterns, even a master potter can be surprised. – t.k., Facebook (Traktung Khepa)

The Buddhahood of Mind itself.

The Buddhahood of Mind itself.

The Buddhahood of Mind itself.

The Buddhahood of Mind itself.

Mind appears one way. But mind is a trickster.  Unborn wisdom mystery puts on the clothes of this and that thought, identity, form and says, “Fooled you!” Mind’s functioning implies separation of self and appearance, mind and body, subjects and objects but then mind’s functioning is a liar.

On a cloudy day the sky looks grey but up above the clouds it is always blue.  From the ground the moon seems to wax and wane but in the moon’s own self experience there is only the one big round globe.  Mind seems to be born and die in accord with its movements and stillness but in truth is is one large open expanse of knowing’s possibility.

The Buddhahood of Mind itself.  Yeah, yeah you’ve heard it before from every Tom, Dick and Harry village Lama who went on to try and con you out of your money, get in your pants, require endless sycophantic kiss-assness (which you were eager to offer in your exchange of Catholic Guilt Shame Based Fear Religion for a new Asian flavor of the same) and so it seems a worn and tired, almost cliche.  But if you toss out your strategies and corruption then you will swiftly forget the shell game of most religionists and begin to take seriously the way.

It is a cliche but still, it is true. Mind itself is Buddhahood! Mind itself is Buddhahood!! Mind itself is Buddhahood!!! Take a deep breath, dust yourself off an reconsider everything.  Take off the facade of past efforts and strip naked of the presumed understandings.  Shake off the dreary sorrow of encounters with false priests born from one’s own false intentions.  There is a path whose nobility and beauty outshine all falseness.  It is offered freely and, while it does require intelligence, hard work, and discipline it is also joyous, uplifting and beautiful.

A Tibetan friend told me this joke.  “What does it take to become a Lama in America?  A red robe and a passport.” Still, this sad truth does not need to become the limit of your efforts.  Where one’s intentions and effort are authentic authenticity will manifest in the form of one’s teacher; and, while spirituality tends to devolve into business in the climate of human culture, that is not its (or your) limit.  Mind is, in fact, in its deep essence, nature, energy – Buddhahood itself waiting for you to realize it.  – Traktung Khepa,  Eye To Form is Only Love (Day 62)