Traktung Khepa (t.k.)

Rinpoche1Traktung Khepa (t.k.) is an American-born Buddhist Lama and co-founder, along with his wife Tsochen Khandro, of Tsogyelgar Meditation Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. t.k. is an awakened one, an enlightened sage, farmer, poet, father and grandfather.  Teaching from the directness and immediacy of spiritual realization, t.k. fulfills the request of his root Lama Thinley Norbu Rinpoche to clarify Tantric Buddhism for western audiences. t.k. teaches in a style relevant to  our time and our culture while remaining true to the tried and tested methods of the Tantric Buddhist path.


The Guru is that one who has not only discovered the Unborn but become its action of Unbirthing.  Guru is function not status.  Within truth there is no such thing as status.  The Guru is intentionless, a pure response only…a mirror of what you bring to the table.” – Eye to Form is Only Love

Born in 1959 in Washington D.C. the child of a philosophy and political science professors, t.k. from his earliest years remembered his previous life as the Tantric Crazy Wisdom adept Do Khyetnse who, as he died, prayed “May I be born in times uncertain and places unknown”.  Based on these memories he fashioned his entire life into a spiritual search. At age 10 he was attending his father’s university philosophy classes, at 12 he was discussing spirituality with Jesuit priests, Marxist scholars and Franciscan friars. In his teens he began traveling to hear Krishnamurti, Osho, Sufi Masters, Zen Roshis, Hassidic teachers, worked in a Gurdjieff group and lived in Ashrams. All of this was done to accomplish the two aims 1. enlightenment and 2. the benefit of beings. He built a deep and strong foundation of understanding spiritual systems as they work and function in our time and culture while he also followed the direction of his inner spiritual life with its Tantric Buddhist origins.

Books by t.k. (available on Amazon):

Eye to Form is Only Love: A Journal of 100 Days

For 100 days t.k. kept a journal of short reflections, ranging from explications of the nature of mind, considerations of authentic spiritual practice, raggedly devotional poetry, observations on nature, society and  the highest dharmic view of cleaning one’s room.  Preview on Amazon


Original Innocence

A lightning bolt of authentic wisdom, t.k. presents the view of Original Innocence (as opposed to original sin), with detailed teaching on Dzogchen view and what it is to have a human body and to perceive.  Fundamental dharma considerations are also presented in a fresh and direct way, offering an entry point to authentic spiritual practice for those starting on the path, and a prod to long-term practitioners to not succumb to complacency.  Preview on Amazon


Teachings by t.k. :

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shrine room
t.k. teaches during annual Summer retreat at Tsogyelgar. The shrine room shown here, home to the largest Buddhist mural in North American, was lost to fire in 2019. The new shrine room was completed in Summer 2020, and a new mural is underway.