Meditation Programs

“The vast wisdom bliss of Buddha manifests in forms of sensual beauty, light and sound.  These images and mantras cause a sympathetic resonance in the mind drawing you toward wisdom-bliss.  This is is compassionate action of the Buddhas.” – t.k.

Remembrance: Devotional Meditation of Music and Mantra
greenTaraFaceRemembrance is a devotional musical meditation designed to draw us into connection with innate wisdom bliss.  Tsogyelgar musicians have crafted Remembrance meditation pieces in homage to Shakyamuni Buddha, Green Tara, Guru Rinpoche, Chenrezig and Amitabha, all available on the Youtube channel Doha Songs .   Rooted in the ancient traditions of devotional Sufi Zikr and Hindu Kirtan, this entrancing meditation blends devotional singing, visualization and repetition of mantra, offering homage to sublime beings in remembrance of our own inherent nature of wisdom and compassion.